Tuesday, May 03, 2005

(Friday night) April 1, 2005

God You are so amazing!!! First of all, we got a free breakfast, which You know was a huge help. Then, we had no problem exchanging our money. Our original plan was to take the KLIA Express train to Kuala Lumpur and to the Patronas towers. It seemed like a good idea, but Your plan was much better. I know You brought Gopal to us. He was very convincing. At first when we got in his cab, it seemed like we had made a mistake because he was trying to convince us to hire him for the day for 420 Malaysian Ringitt (over $100). But eventually we worked out a great deal that for 300 MR he would take us around to all the places we wanted to see. Thank You so much for that Lord. If we had gone with our original plan, we would have seen the towers but not be able to go to the top, and not much else. We probably would have realized we needed a taxi and spent more money! We saw and learned so much about the country God!
First, he took us to a Chinese temple. When we asked, he said it was "Chinese, not Buddhist." But we think it must have been Buddhist. It was a beautiful building, the designs were so intricate. But even though it was very clean and well kept, there was something dark and sad there, it didn't feel like we should have been there. Please remind me to pray fervently for the Malaysian people. Then, we went and saw the palace. The guard's horse tried to eat my and Dyron's arms! There was also a guy on a motorbike parked by our taxi. Gopal said he was an undercover cop, but he didn't look more than 16! Apparently he was really at least 25. After that, we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. I don't think white people have ever gone in there before, everyone's head turned when we walked in and it got quiet for a second. Totally like in a movie! We got an amazing meal for about $5 each. Next we went to the Patronas towers, they're so crazy tall! I hope we get to go to the top on our way back. Then was the Batu Caves. I think those were my favorites. The mountains were so incredible, I've never seen anything like them, my pictures will never do them justice. What a beautiful example of Your power and creativity. Then of course there were the monkeys. They were so cute, especially the babies. It was really fun to watch them and try to get pictures and videos. I pray for all the people who go there to worship their gods and idols, especially Gopal and his family. I think it's incredible that they go up almost 300 stairs to worship, could You imagine if a church in America made its members climb 300 steps? There would be a revolt! After the caves we went to the Sunway Lagoon. It was the nicest hotel I've ever seen, for only $100 a night!!! Amazing, I'd love to stay there someday.
There were so many different religions in Malaysia. Lots of Moslems going to Mosques to pray. Lord, they are so incredibly faithful in their religion. I just wish they could understand what it was like to serve a God who loves them like children, not one they're afraid of. It made me so sad to watch thousands of them walking down the streets to the Mosques. Thank You for the love You've given me for Muslim people, help me to reach them. Use me and teach me Lord.
There were lots of other interesting things to learn in Malaysia. When the men greet each other, they will often grasp right hands then let go and put that hand over their chest. I only saw Muslim men do it so I think it's an Islamic custom but I'm not sure. By the way, thank You so much for having me bring long sleeved shirts too. I knew I didn't need them and wondered why I packed them, but it was much more modest, and safer having long pants and long sleeves in such a heavily Muslim population. Oh, and the traffic! Insane! It's like a giant game of "Chicken" in cars! There may be only 3 lanes painted on the road, but there's 6 or 7 lanes of traffic and motorbikers with a deathwish weaving in and out of traffic. In fact we drove by an accident where at least 2 had been killed. Gopal also said a lot of road rage fights break out, with people getting out of their cars and pulling knives! He thought I must own a lambourghini because I make around $11 and hour. He make 100MR a day for 16 hours work, that's about $30 a day! Help me be better with my money and more grateful for what I have. Well, I should try to get a few hours sleep before we have to get to work. I'll write about the way to Sri Lanka when I wake up. Thanks Lord, I love You.


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