Tuesday, May 03, 2005

(Friday) April 1, 2005 12:30am (Malaysian time)

Wow, I'm in Malaysia right now. I haven't really seen much of Kuala Lumpur yet, hopefully I'll see more this afternoon. Right now the only thing that seems really different from Hawaii is the heat and the humidity. It's gross and sticky out there. But You've prepared me, and I know You'll help me to handle the weather. No passing out! It was fun to fly to Korea and try the few words in Korean that I know. It was weird how Korean men working in the airport would come to talk and when I would say something they ignored me. I also didn't like how the male flight attendant grabbed my arm as we were getting on the plane. He had just seen the woman check what seat I was in and tell me where to go, but he grabbed my arm and made me show him my ticket too. It's weird how different value is placed on me in different places. Thanks for constantly reminding me how valuable I am in Your eyes. It can be hard being an American woman where our rights are so plenty. Help me to be aware of my behavior in these countries and not attract attention to myself or do anything that would be considered inappropriate. Please send Your angels around me to guard me and protect me. Let no harm fall on me or any member of my team. Give me Your wisdom and guidance so I can be most effective for Your glory. Thank You so much for all You have done to bring me on this trip. Thank You for getting us through Malaysian customs so quickly. The man who stamped my passport didn't even say a word. Then at customs they didn't even x-ray our bags! I'm sure Your hand was in that. I love You so much and can't wait to see what You have in store for me. Please help Dyron as he leads our team to have wisdom, courage and discernment. Help him to know exactly what You want us to do and follow You. I pray for Celeste, and the Pastor, and their families. I can't wait to meet them tomorrow. Please prepare them for our coming. Help us to not be a burden to them in any way, but to be an encouragement. Thank You Jesus.


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