Saturday, April 30, 2005

Are you ready?

God can do amazing things. Sometimes it's easy to chalk it up to coincidence, or luck. But when you lay the impossible before Him, and He gives abundantly more than you can even imagine, you can't deny where the credit is due. So I hope you're ready to hear some amazing stories, because my trip was full of them. As I begin putting my journal entries into this site, and relive the adventure, I hope you can gain a glimpse of what it was like for us over there. Thanks for reading and God Bless!
Love Always,
P.S. My journal entries were both a description of the events of the day, and a diary to God. I'll be typing them just as I wrote them while I was there. Anything additional will be in red italics and since I do not know the spelling of most of the words or names I learned, they will be in red bold.